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Gloucester 400th Anniversary Commemorative Medal Design Competition

   Lexi Chipperini was one of three finalists in the Gloucester 400th Anniversary Commemorative Medal Design Competition in 2021. The medal was intended to celebrate all things Gloucester to kick off the anniversary celebrations of 2023 with a limited edition collector's item.

   The finalists were carefully chosen from several dozen world wide submissions, and given $3,000 for their efforts. The chosen winner received $10,000, along with the minting of their design to be sold at the Brass Monkey in Gloucester, MA. Lexi Chipperini's design was later considered to be second place specifically and minted to be sold along side the winner's medal. 


PayMoneyWubby Official Stickers on

No. 9.png
No. 10.png
No. 2.png

   In 2022, Lexi Chipperini (Nilsy) was commissioned alongside her partner and one other artist to create official sticker merchandise designs for world famous Twitch Streamer PayMoneyWubby on his manager's website;

   Ten total designs were sold as high end stickers via the site, resulting in thousands of sales. They have been bought and appreciated across Wubby's fanbase, including over 500,000 Twitch followers, and over 1,000,000 Youtube subscribers. 

The stickers were later reuploaded to the online shop due to high demand and quick depletion of inventory. Nilsy was also offered the opportunity to sell her own prints and stickers on Alluux's site, of which she hosts several shops for artists who have worked alongside her pver the years.

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